Zhejiang sorfa life science research co., LTD

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Zhejiang Shuohua Life Science Research Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in designing, developing and manufacturing high-end cell biology laboratory consumables, innovative demonstration small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province, science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and patent demonstration enterprises in Huzhou City. In 2014, it was listed as "Shuanggao" enterprise in Huzhou City, with registered capital of 21 million yuan, covering an area of 40 mu and building area of 26 640 square meters. Since the company moved to Zhongguanzhen Industrial Park in Deqing in 2009, it has set up an enterprise technology center to introduce various kinds of professional and technical personnel (197 employees, of which 14.21% are R&D personnel), and has maintained a long-term relationship with the United Kingdom, the United States and Italy. Close technical cooperation. Management has taken the lead in passing ISO13485:2012 medical device quality management system certification, CE certification, NQA certification, SGS certification and other system certification. In 2016, the company realized the listing of the national small and medium-sized enterprise equity trading system, with the stock code of 838540.

Shuohua Life is mainly engaged in research and development, production and marketing of cell biological consumables products. At present, it has formed eight series of cell culture, cryopreservation tube, vacuum filter, integrated moisture-proof bottle, homogeneous filter bag, serum pipette, centrifugal tube, pasteurized pipette and so on. The products are mainly used in high-end biological laboratories and scientific research institutions.

On the basis of high starting point, high added value and high-tech content, facing the global financial crisis and more and more fierce market competition, the development of enterprises should always rely on technological innovation and technological progress, and constantly transform and upgrade their product structure: from simple pasteurized straw to reagent bottle, from reagent bottle to common laboratory consumables; from ordinary liquid transfer; Layer-by-layer upgrading from laboratory consumables to high-end laboratory consumables for cell biology. From the beginning of 2011 to 2017, the company successfully developed a series of new products with independent intellectual property rights (more than 200 patents have been applied to the State Intellectual Property Office and 62 patents have been authorized, 42 of which are invention patents), covering cell culture, cryopreservation tubes, vacuum filters, integrated moisture-proof bottles, reagent bottles, homogeneous filter bags, serum pipettes, centrifuges and pasteurix pipettes. Nine series, covering all kinds of high-end laboratory consumables required for cell culture, removal, centrifugation and preservation. In March 2017, the company successfully developed the first extruded erythrocyte sedimentation tube with high efficiency and precision, which can be used for erythrocyte sedimentation rate test quickly. Its safety, effectiveness and accuracy are in the leading level in China. According to the requirements of Huzhou Food and Drug Administration, the standard of ESR pipette was drafted. In 2014, it was recognized as the third prize of Huzhou Science and Technology Progress by Huzhou Municipal Government, followed by the third prize of Huzhou Science and Technology Progress for one-time vacuum filter, the third prize of Zhejiang Province for technological invention for one-time cell cryopreservation tube, and the first series of products passed the CE safety certification of EU successively, becoming the first laboratory consumables and in vitro testing and diagnostic instrument specialty in China. Manufacturers, thus improving the overall technical level of the biological cell consumables testing industry, but also for China's biological consumables out of the country, into the ranks of the world to make an important contribution. Up to now, 25 new products have been successfully developed, 20 of which have been appraised by experts of the provincial economic and credit commission. The technology level has reached the domestic or international advanced level. They have been awarded the city patent demonstration enterprise by Huzhou Science and Technology Bureau and Intellectual Property Bureau, and the enterprise technology center has been recognized as the provincial high-tech research and development center by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department.