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Petri Dish

basic information
Product description
Petri Dish:
Petri dishes are applied to bacteria culture and are rounded by serrated rings on the dish base. Serrated ring help users easy to grip dish, stabilize it in hands and avoid dropping it from hands. In addition, serrated ring also make a great contribution to easily detaching lid from dish base. 
Four vents are molded on inner surface of each lid for the function of exchanging gas which is indispensable design for bacterial culture. On the dish bottom, numerical codes of 3, 6, 9 and 12 are graved on outer surface to identify cell growth location. Ring on lid stabilize dish when stacking multi layers for saving space.
1. USP Plastic Class VI Polystyrene                       
2. 35 mm, 60 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm        
3. Vent design for air exchange                          
4. Number codes are for easy identification
6. Non-pyrogenic, Non-Toxic
Lot number is printed on packaging for tracking
Zip bag packaging is easy to open
Cartons are customized for protecting products

Cat. No.

Culture Area


Pcs/Bag         Pcs/Ctn


9.2 cm2

35 x 11 mm

10                 1000


26.0 cm2

60 x 16 mm

10                  600



90 x 15 mm

10              500


141.8 cm2

150 x26 mm

5                  100


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